Create a Custom Color

CIMPLICITY lets you create as many custom colors as you want; 16 custom colors at any one time.

  1. Click the Palette button to the right of the Color field.

  2. Double click an empty box at the bottom of the Palette tab.

The Color (custom color) Palette opens.

  1. Do one or more of the following until you have created the color you want. You can see the exact color and the solid color that is closest to it in the Color|Solid box.

  1. Move the Color picker around to change the color.

  2. Enter exact Index values for any or all of the colors in the color fields.

0 for all colors = Black.

0 for one color = Black for that value

255 for all colors = White

255 for one color = Pure red, green or blue for that value

The color that displays reflects the combination of the three entries

  1. Move the Luminosity picker up and down to change the amount of light (absence of black) in the color.

  2. Enter an exact value that specifies the amount of light in the color in the Lum field.

0 = Black (The colors' values will change to 0)

240 = White (The colors' values will change to 255.

Any changes you make in this value will affect all the colors.

  1. Specify how vivid the color specified by the balance of the three basic colors should be in the Sat field.

0 = Gray

240 = No gray.

  1. Specify the balance of red, green and blue that you want in the Hue field. This balance is calculated against the values that are already in the Color fields.

  1. Decide whether to use the exact color or the solid color displayed in the Color|Solid box. possibilities are:

  1. The exact color is the same as the solid color.

  2. The exact color is dithered, a pattern of dots that simulates the color. Only the solid portion of a dithered color will display in a pattern.

  3. The solid color that is closest to exact color.

  1. Select the option you want.

  1. Double click the Solid side of the Color|Solid box to add the solid color. The box changes to the solid color.

  2. Click Add Color when in the Color|Solid box if:

Both the exact and solid display. The exact color will be selected.

Only the solid color displays. The solid color will be selected.

More information

    Color and font choices.