AddLoggedExpressionLine Method

AddLoggedExpressionLine is a method for a Trend Invoke method action.

Purpose: AddLoggedExpressionLine

Advanced Configuration: AddLoggedExpressionLine

Purpose: AddLoggedExpressionLine

To add a specified logged expression line to the runtime Trend Control when Invoke Method is triggered by an event.

Lines using logged and runtime data display a combination of runtime and logged data. Runtime data is reported by CIMPLICITY Point Management. Logged data comes from a CIMPLICITY Log table. The behavior of the logged point line type depends on the Allow Runtime Scrolling property

Advanced Configuration: AddLoggedExpressionLine

Click Advanced on the Action tab of the Procedure Information dialog box.

The Edit Method dialog box opens for the AddLoggedExpressionLine method

Configuration is as follows.



Method name

Name of the selected method.

Note: Another method can be selected from the drop-down list.

Method result

(Optional) Setpoint that contains the status value.





Structure Type




Device or global Point ID.


When a user invokes the method, the method result contains one of the following values.





Method Result





The line was successfully added to the trend.





The line was not added to the trend.



String that provides a name for the Line ID.

The name will appear in the Legend to identify the added line.



String that evaluates to an expression, which is one or more Point IDs and mathematical operators that can be evaluated.

Trending creates the trend based on the identified values.



ODBC data source in which CIMPLICITY will find the table and column for the line display.

If a User ID and password are required, enter them on this line.

Including "DSN=" is optional. In either case, the UID= and PWD= must appear after the DSN.


Either of the following is correct:

"CIMPLICITY Point Logging;UID=Administrator;PWD=98403"

"DSN=CIMPLICITY Point Logging;UID=Administrator;PWD=98403"



Table in the Database Logger where the line data will be found.



Column in the Database Logger table that contains the line's data.






Note: The source for a Logged line can be a point from any point logging table.

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