DeleteTrendLine Method

DeleteTrendLine is a method for a Trend Invoke method action.

Purpose: DeleteTrendLine

Advanced Configuration: DeleteTrendLine

Purpose: DeleteTrendLine

To delete a specified point line from the runtime Trend Control when Invoke Method is triggered by an event.

Advanced Configuration: DeleteTrendLine

Click Advanced on the Action tab of the Procedure Information dialog box.

The Edit Method dialog box opens for the DeleteTrendLine method

Configuration is as follows.



Method name

Name of the selected method.

Note: Another method can be selected from the drop-down list.

Method result

(Optional) Setpoint that contains the status value.





Structure Type




Device or global Point ID.



String that evaluates to an existing Line ID. Trending will delete the specified line when the method is invoked.





Result: When a user invokes the method, the Method result displays one of the following:

The number of lines deleted from the chart

A dialog box with an appropriate error message, if an existing line cannot be deleted

Zero, if the line does not exist on the chart

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