SetCimplicityProject Method

SetCimplicityProject is a method for a Trend Invoke method action.

Purpose: SetCimplicityProject

Advanced Configuration: SetCimplicityProject

Purpose: SetCimplicityProject

To set the CIMPLICITY project that will be used by the Trend Control when it displays data.

Advanced Configuration: SetCimplicityProject

Click Advanced on the Action tab of the Procedure Information dialog box.

The Edit Method dialog box opens for the SetCimplicityProject method

Configuration is as follows.



Method name

Name of the selected method.

Note: Another method can be selected from the drop-down list.

Method result




Name of the project CIMPLICITY should use for the Trend Control.






Note: When you invoke this method, the selected project will be used for all point lines where the Point ID is not fully qualified.

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