Series 90 Fault Table Default View

The default view is the PLC Status, which displays the PLC System Status References (%S, %SA, and %SB registers). The System Status References used and their definitions are as follows.

System Status Reference


PLC Fault Table is Full


I/O Fault Table is Full


Bad Battery Detected


Invalid Application Program Checksum


Application Program Fault


System Configuration Mismatch


CPU Hardware Fault


Low Battery Fault


I/O Module Communication Fault


Option Module Hardware Failure


Option Module Software Fault


Corrupted RAM Memory Detected


Unrecoverable Software Error


I/O Fault Entry Present


Password Access Violation


Option Module Communications Fault


I/O Module Added to Rack


Option Module Added to Rack


The user can select the PLC Fault Table view to display the actual fault information. The number of faults can vary from zero to sixteen. For each fault in the PLC fault table a button will appear on the screen.

More information

Series 90 PLC fault table.