Series 90 TCP/IP Triplex Hardware Configuration Requirements

Target Series 90-70 programmable controllers requires the following:

A TCP/IP communcations module (IC697CMM741H PROM Version 1.12 or later or IC697CMM742FE Firmware 2.6 or later)

Supporting LAN software (C651ENS042, containing GSM version 2.09 or later, TCP executive 1.28 or later, and TCP/IP Configuration editor 1.02 or later if using IC697CMM741)

CPU firmware must be release 5.5 or later except on IC697CPU780 where the firmware must be at 4.7.  When IC697CPU780 is used with a IC697CMM742, it must be setup as described in GFK-1314A.

Target Series 90-30 programmable controllers require the following:

A TCP/IP Ethernet communications module (IC697CMM321).

CPU firmware must be release 5.0 or later

Target Series Versamax

CPUE05 CPU firmware must be 2.31 or later

Versamax Micro and Versamax Micro Firmaware 1.0 or greater with IC646SET001 Versamax SE- Ethernet Bridge

If you are using Logicmaster:

Logicmaster version 4.0 or later must be used with Series 90-70 programmable controllers.

Logicmaster version 6.0 or later must be used with Series 90-30 programmable controllers.

CIMPLICITY ME Version 3.0 or later

VersaProVersion 2.0 or later

 Warning: Do not use the Series 90 TCP/IP Communications enabler with a Series 90-70 programmable controller using C-blocks in the ladder unless the Series 90-70 CPU has been upgraded to version 6.0 firmware. The programmable controller may crash otherwise.

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