Unsolicited Compound Messages with Timestamps

The Series 90 TCP/IP Communications enabler supports a compound message format for unsolicited data that allows the PLC to send multiple registers in a single unsolicited message.

The enabler uses defined Transmission Areas to determine if a message is a simple or compound unsolicited message. You can configure up to eight of these areas by adding entries to the global parameters file that define the transmission area number (1-8) and starting address in the PLC.

To configure %R500 as a transmission areas, add the project level global parameter:

UNSO_TX_AREA_1 with a value of R500

When using Compound Messages:

You will need to define a point for each sub-packet with the correct domain, offset and length.

GE Fanuc recommends that you not configure points that conflict with addresses in the unsolicited transmission areas.

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