Context of DGR Mode

When you switch project connections to DGR mode,

All user connections on the local node switch to DGR mode.

If you have more than one CimView screen open all of the screens will be switched.

If you have other CIMPLICITY client applications running on the local node (e.g. Point Control Panel, Quick Trends, etc.) those connections will also be switched to DGR mode.

There is no way to control what connections or client applications should switch and which should not.

The switch over to DGR mode is local to the node. This means that several viewers can switch in and out of DGR mode without affecting each other.

You can safely run CimView screens in DGR mode on a CIMPLICITY server because only user connections are switched into DGR mode. Your project’s runtime processes such as the Event Manager and Database Logging will remain connected to the live Point Manager.

When DGR switches from Live mode to Historical Replay mode, it builds a list of the points and point configurations used in each CimView screen. This point list is saved when you switch from Historical Replay to Live mode, so they can be reused when you switch back from Live mode to Historical Replay mode.

If you close a CimView screen and then switch from Live mode to Historical Replay mode, DGR will try to find point updates that are no longer available because the screen is closed; this will cause what appears to be replay errors.

As a result of this behavior, DGR must be stopped and restarted before you switch from Live mode to Historical Replay mode if you have already switched from Historical Replay mode to Live mode and then closed one or more CimView screens.

There may be an issue with the Windows firewall where it prevents SQL from running DGR on a Viewer. If the Viewer appears to hang, adding the sqlbrowser.exe file and path to the Windows Firewall exception list may solve the issue.

Warning: Regarding Terminal Server: Because the GefVCRService runs as a Windows service on the local node, you should not run DGR on a Windows Terminal Server node when connected as a client. Multiple Terminal Server client sessions attempting to use DGR simultaneously would interfere with each other.

More information

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