Option 5.2. Enable Start Search

The DGR can stop its search when a point value fulfills a specified criterion; it can then be paused and restarted from that point to find the next instance for the same criterion or the first instance for a new criterion.

Enable Start Search criteria.

Review Start Search playback.

Pause or stop playback.

  1. Enable Start Search criteria

  1. Check Enable Start Search.

The Start Search Point condition fields are enabled.

  1. Enter the following.




Point ID that DGR should look for.


Condition options are:





HEAT101 is a point in the ProfCIMP project.

HEAT101>100 is entered as the Enable Stop Search condition.


The value (in relation to the condition) that, when found, will start the DGR playback.

  1. Review Start Search playback

The DGR does the following.

Searches for the first instance that fulfills the condition.

When DGR finds the first instance that fulfills the condition, DGR does the following.


Changes the selected Start date and/or Start time to display the time that the playback actually starts.


Shows that it is playing.

Displays the playback values in runtime applications, e.g. CimView.


Displays the date and time playback status.

Note: The playback speed can be changed at any time.


Disables the Enable Start Search fields.


The DGR plays back logged values starting  from the date and time that it finds the value HEAT101=110.

  1. Pause or Stop Playback

DGR provides several methods to pause or stop playback; DGR does the following based on what you do.

Enter criteria in the Enable Stop Search fields before you start playback.

Result: DGR pauses when the criteria are met.

Click Stop.

Result: DGR playback stops and rewinds to the start search start date and time.

Do the following.

  1. Click Pause.

  2. Enter criteria in the Enable Stop Search fields;.

  3. Click Start.

Result: DGR starts from the paused date and time and stops when the stop search criteria are met.

More information

Step 5.1. View playback.