Point Attributes

Dynamic Graphical Replay provides limited support for point attributes (e.g. time stamp, resource, etc.). The point attributes that are supported include only those accessible from the CIMPLICITY Point Browser’s tree view.

Point attributes in DGR are supported in one of the following ways.

Historical values (if available)

Some point attributes can be logged to the DATA_LOG table as follows.


If Attributes are:

DGR Displays:


Configured for logging to the DATA_LOG table,

The historical value of the attribute.


Not configured for logging

As unavailable.

Currently configured value

Some point attributes cannot be logged to the DATA_LOG table. Generally speaking, these attributes are set at configuration time only and don’t change over time.

The currently configured value for these attributes will be displayed in DGR mode.

Important: Playback of point attributes is not supported if Historian is the data source.

More information

DGR functionality technical notes.