Step 2. Start DGR Mode

Check Historical Replay on the GE Fanuc DGR dialog box.

Result: The DGR does the following.


Switches to DGR mode.


Adds points.


Displays the status as Stopped.


Enables the Play buttons.


Turns off point displays in runtime user applications.

Start DGR Mode Examples


The values in CimView revert to the default text.

Trend Chart

The Trend chart real time lines are removed.

 Important: Only projects to which you are currently connected can switch to DGR mode. Logging into a project afterward will not put that project connection in DGR mode.

DGR mode only affects user applications, e.g. CimView, CimEdit, Point Control Panel. CIMPLICITY resident processes, e.g. ptdl, emrp, are not affected.

More information

DGR operation.