4.1 WebView Web Page Files Location

 Note: By default, the Web server Browser interface points to the CimWeb directory to find the index.html file.

You can add an HTML file that will be the home page file directly to the WebView root directory or to a WebView sub-directory.

The recommended WebView home page file name is index.html.

This file can:

Act as a WebView Standard home page when a user enters an explicit URL address that includes the WebView directory, e.g. http://ServerName/WebView, when a user clicks the WebView Standard screens in the WebView interface.

Replace the default \CimWeb\index.html home page when the user enters an explicit URL address to the WebView index.html file.

In order to specify an HTML file in the WebView directory as the Web server home page, you must enter the new path in the \WebPages\index.html file.

If you use the default WebView file locations, you can simply edit the file so the URL=WebView.

The basic file will be as follows.




    <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="0;URL=WebView/">





Where you go from the home page depends on what CimView screens the home page will overlay.

More information

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