Web Server and Client Locations Relative to a Firewall

A Web server and client can communicate when your company has an Internet firewall. You can set up a configuration so that:

Both the Web and/or Terminal Services server and client are inside the firewall (An internal network would have this configuration.)

Both the Web and/or Terminal Services server and client are outside the firewall

The Web and/or Terminal Services server are inside the firewall and the client is outside the firewall.

For WebView

In cases where the Web server is behind a firewall, the firewall must be configured to allow incoming TCP connections to the WebView server's IP address for TCP ports 80 and 10212.

For Terminal Services

If you use Terminal Services through a firewall, configure the firewall to allow the terminal Services RDP connections between the client and server on port 3389.

Consult the Microsoft web site for developers, http://msdn.microsoft.com (or http://www.msdn.microsoft.com) and search for terminal services firewall or terminal server firewall.

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