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Adding Groups and Users

The Windows groups and users are defined by a Windows administrator or an authorized power user through the Windows administration function, as distinct from CitectSCADA administration.

Domain groups and users are defined or created on the domain server by the domain administrator. Local groups and users are defined or created on the local computer by the local administrator. To link a Windows user to a CitectSCADA role the user needs to be a member of the Windows group and the name of the group has to be same as the Windows group name specified in the CitectSCADA role.

For information on how to add groups and users to Window security, refer to the Windows documentation appropriate to your operating system.

A Windows user need not be a CitectSCADA user. However if a Windows user is added to the Windows group that is linked to a CitectSCADA role, then that Windows user will have the privileges as are assigned to the role.

The Windows administrator can control which Windows user can or cannot login to runtime by choosing whether to add the user to the linked Windows groups.

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