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Adding New Commands

Users can define new toolbar commands during design time if they have the appropriate privilege level.

To add a new command:

  1. On the Toolbars page of the Properties dialog box, click New. The New Command dialog box appears.
  2. The dialog shows the unique, system-generated ID for the new command. If necessary, enter a new ID for the command. This ID can be used in Cicode to determine which command has been triggered or to find a specific command in the CitectSCADA system.
  3. Enter the Tooltip text for the new command. You are limited to 64 characters. Tooltip text appears when the mouse pointer is over the toolbar command.
  4. Click Browse and navigate to the icon to represent the new command. The icon image appears on the toolbar command button.
  5. To define how the command behaves, choose a button style from the Button style menu:

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