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Alarm Categories

Each alarm in your system can be assigned to a category, and each category can be processed as a group. For each category, you can set alarm display details (font and page type), logging details (printer or data file), and the action to be taken when an alarm in the category is triggered (for example, activating an audible alarm).

Each category can have an associated priority. The alarm priorities can be used to order alarm displays, providing useful filtering for the operator.

You can also customize the order in which alarms will be displayed on the alarm summary page using the SummarySort and SummarySortMode parameters. (This order will override the alarm category priority order.)

You can configure up to 16376 alarm categories. If you do not specify a category for an alarm, the alarm has the same attributes as alarm category 0. If you do not define an alarm category 0, a default is used for the category.

To define an alarm category:

  1. Choose System | Alarm Categories. The Alarm Categories dialog box appears.
  2. Enter the alarm category properties.
  3. Click Add to append a new record, or Replace to modify an existing record.
  4. Use the Alarm Categories dialog box to configure your alarms.

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