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Alarm Field Enhancements

There are four enhancements to alarm fields:

Runtime writes to custom alarm fields

It is now possible to write to the eight custom alarm fields during runtime. In previous releases these fields could really only be used for alarm filtering.

Alarm summary field changes

Alarm Summary Fields can now be used to format an alarm display or alarm log device. In addition any Alarm Display Field can be used in your alarm summary, apart from State.

New Alarm Summary Fields

Field Name Description


Type of alarm summary (similar to alarm display "Type").

Alarm display field changes

Now any alarm display field can be used for any type of alarm. Where not applicable for a particular alarm type, zero or an empty string will be displayed.

New Alarm Display Fields

Field Name Description


Alarm Tag with Cluster Name prefix


Alarm type (string), not localized.


Alarm type number (use AlarmType to get string value instead). V


The text entered into the Comment field of the alarm properties dialog.


Cluster Name


Alarm custom fields as configured.


Alarm date and time.


Indicates whether the alarm has to be paged.

{PagingGroup, n}

Indicates the paging group to which the alarm belongs.

Alarm paging

The CitectSCADA alarm facility constantly monitors equipment data and alerts operators of any equipment error or alarm condition. When an alarm is triggered it is displayed on the standard alarm display page. The operator has to be continuously sitting in front of an HMI monitoring the system. CitectSCADA v7.20 provides the facility to link alarms with a remote paging system for operators.

Two Alarm Properties have been added to enable CitectSCADA to interface with any third-party paging system. The Paging property is a flag to indicate that the alarm is going to be paged, the PagingGroup property is a freeform text field indicating the sequence of people to notify in the event the alarm occurred.

See your third-party paging system documentation for information on how to interface with CitectSCADA.