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Applies a color to a line, or retrieves the current "on" color setting. The function uses RGB colors for each state of a color instead of a palette index.

This function applies to the selected object, which is typically the last placed object. By using the PageSelectFirstObject() and PageSelectNextObject() functions, you can access your objects, and change or read their properties.




An RGB value.

Return Value

If retrieving the current line color, an RGB value. If setting the line color, 0 (zero) if successful. In both cases, an error is returned if unsuccessful. If values are out of range on writing to the attribute, the function exits and reports the error E_INVALIDARG. If there is no active object, they exit and report a return value of E_HANDLE.

Note: For details on handling return and error values, see Error Handling.

Related Functions

AttributeLineWidth, AttributeLineStyle


' Applies a color to the current line
GraphicsBuilder.AttributeLineOnColourEx = &hFF0000

' Retrieves the value of the color applied to the current line
MyVariable = GraphicsBuilder.AttributeLineOnColourEx

This function is implemented in the C++ environment as two separate functions: put_AttributeLineOnColourEx applies a particular color to a line, and get_AttributeLineOnColourEx retrieves the current color setting.