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Automation Events

The graphics builder also provides event based notification of actions, which an Automation client can intercept and react to accordingly. The following example creates a form, creates a graphics builder automation object with event capability and performs actions on two events that the graphics builder might generate, pasting a symbol and saving a page.

To enable this:

For details, see the individual event subroutine description.

Private WithEvents gb As GraphicsBuilder.GraphicsBuilder
Public Sub Form_Load()
		Set gb = New GraphicsBuilder.GraphicsBuilder
		gb.LibrarySelectionHooksEnabled = True
		gb.Visible = True
End Sub

Public Sub gb_PasteSymbol()
		MsgBox ("PasteSymbol")
End Sub

Private Sub gb_PageSaved(ByVal Project As String, ByVal Page As String,
		 ByVal LastPage As Boolean)
		MsgBox "PageSaved: " + Project + "." + Page + "--"
End Sub


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