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Backing up INI files

By default, when you select the 'Save configuration files' option, *.ini files from the Config folder are backed up.

If you are using a custom INI file (for example 'abc.ini') and it is placed in the Config folder, it also will be backed up. If you are using a custom INI file that is stored in a sub-directory of the project select the 'Save sub-directories' option to back it up as well.

Note: You can define a non-default INI file for CitectSCADA by passing a parameter through to the Project Explorer from the Project Explorer Properties dialog box on the Shortcut tab. See Using an Alternative INI File for further information on how to do this.

If you run the backup program from the command line, and you specify an INI file as a parameter, the specified INI file will be backed up instead of Citect.ini.

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