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Cicode Object Properties - Cicode (General)

Cicode Objects have the following General properties:

Command (254 Chars.)

A Cicode command that is continually executed. You can use any Cicode command, built-in Cicode function or user-written function. The command is executed continually (while the page is displayed), for example:


DspSymAnm(25, "Pumps.Slurry1", "Pumps.Slurry2", "Pumps.Slurry3");

The command in this example uses the built-in function DspSymAnm(). The function displays three symbols ("Pumps.Slurry1", "Pumps.Slurry2", "Pumps.Slurry3") continually (at AN 25).

You can also write generic functions by using the Cicode function DspGetAnCur() to get the AN number, for example:


DspSymAnm(DspGetAnCur(), "Pumps.Slurry1", "Pumps.Slurry2", "Pumps.Slurry3");

The command in this example displays three symbols ("Pumps.Slurry1", "Pumps.Slurry2", "Pumps.Slurry3") continually (at the current AN).

If you are using an actual animation, each symbol is displayed at a frequency that is set using the Computer Setup Wizard (also determined by the [Page] AnmDelay parameter). To add just an animation point to the page, add a Cicode Object, without a command.

Click Clear Property to clear property details, and disable the property. To define other properties for the object, click the relevant tabs.

For help on the remaining properties tabs, see Defining Common Object Properties.