Help Overview

Help Overview

Welcome to the Help for CitectSCADA v7.20. If you know which area you want to access, click the item in the Contents list to the left. Or use the descriptions below to help you decide which section you need.

CitectSCADA v7.20 User Guides

CitectSCADA v7.20

Contains task-oriented information on using CitectSCADA to supervise and control your plant processes.

See Using CitectSCADA

About CitectSCADA

Contains general information on CitectSCADA v7.20 and describes technical support, CitectSCADA Tools, clustering scenarios and other topics.

See Getting Started

Upgrading to v7.20

Contains information on upgrading from previous versions of CitectSCADA to CitectSCADA v7.20.

See Upgrading to CitectSCADA v7.20

Technical References


Contains detailed reference information on the Cicode programming language, including Cicode functions and arguments.

See Cicode Function Categories


Contains detailed reference information on the CitectVBA programming language, including functions and arguments.

See CitectVBA Function Reference

Technical Reference

Contains general CitectSCADA reference information, such as Citect.ini file parameters, alert messages, ASCII codes, and so on.

See Technical Reference

CitectSCADA Component References

Web Client

Contains information on using the Web Client to monitor your plant processes using any Web-enabled computer.

See Using the Web Client

Tab Style Templates

Describes the tab style templates, part of a preconfigured project that provides a set of pages and templates that you can use to create new projects.

See Using the Tab Style Page Templates

Process Analyst Help

The Process Analyst allows operators to view trend and/or alarm tag data (both real-time and historical) for comparison and analysis during runtime.

See Using the Process Analyst

Driver and Utilities Help

Communicating with I/O Devices

CitectSCADA can communicate with any control or monitoring I/O Device that has a communication port or data exchange interface.

See Communicating with I/O Devices

Driver Help

You can launch the CitectSCADA Driver Help as a separate entity in Citect Explorer by selecting Help, Driver Help.

 Computer Setup Editor

A utility designed to help you configure your Citect.ini file quickly and easily to optimize your CitectSCADA performance.

See the Computer Setup Editor Help