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The Web Client

The CitectSCADA Web Client allows you to view a live CitectSCADA project within a Web browser. It provides easy access to CitectSCADA Runtime for LAN-connected users requiring read/write access to current production information.

For example, a senior manager could monitor a facility and access current production information from any computer on the LAN without the need for extensive downloads or software installation.

Note: On 64 bit Windows operating systems (XP 64 bit and Vista 64 bit), there are two Internet Explorer options. One for 32 bit mode and one for 64 bit mode. The Web Client needs to be used in Internet Explorer 32 bit mode.

If you start the Control Client and then start the Web Client on the same machine running Windows Vista operating system, an alert message will be displayed. This will occur for projects that use ActiveX executable components, for example the Example project. In order to use these projects you need to add the Web Server address as a trusted site in Internet Explorer.

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