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Cluster context rules
  1. Single cluster systems always use that cluster and do not require the use of cluster prefixes.
  2. Variable Tags referenced in an Alarms, Reports or Trends Server context are implicitly resolved to that cluster unless explicitly stated otherwise using a cluster prefix such as ClusterName.TagName.
  3. Cicode called in an Alarms, Reports or Trends Server context runs with the server's cluster context as default.
  4. Server to Server connections (for example, SPC Alarms) are within the cluster by default.
  5. Client pages can have a cluster context associated with them.
  6. Client pages can be configured with a cluster context or inherit the cluster from the previous (or parent) page.
  7. Client pages can have the configured cluster context overridden dynamically at runtime.
  8. Client pages have no default cluster and do not inherit context in multi-cluster systems by default.
  9. The TaskNew Cicode function inherits the caller's (either page or task) cluster context unless explicitly overridden.

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