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Clustered control system

In this scenario, the system is organized into discrete sites being controlled by local operators, and supported by local redundant servers. At the same time, there is a level of management that requires sites across the system to be monitored simultaneously from a central control room.

Each site is represented in the project with a separate cluster, grouping its primary and standby servers. Clients at each site are only interested in the local cluster, whereas clients at the central control room are able to view every cluster.

The deployment of a control room scenario is fairly straightforward, as each site can be addressed independently within its own cluster. The control room itself only needs Control Clients.

The deployment of servers could be mapped out as follows:

CitectSCADA's support for dynamic clustering means each site can be monitored and controlled from the central control room if necessary. For example, if an operator at a particular site only works during regular business hours, then the monitoring can be switched to the central control room after hours.