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Compile Error Properties

You might encounter errors when you compile your CitectSCADA project. Compile errors can be viewed in Project Editor using the Compile Errors dialog.

Compiler errors have the following properties:

Property Description


The type of error. Three types can occur during compilation. These are:

ERROR - The compilation process continues, however the project will not compile successfully until you have corrected the error.

FATAL - The severity of this error is such that it halts the compilation process. The project cannot be compiled until you correct the error.

WARNING - The error was not serious enough to stop the project being compiled successfully, however investigate and correct the error.


The number of the database record where the error has occurred.


The name of the graphics page, library, or report format file where the error has been detected.


The database field where the error has been detected.


The database table where the error has been detected.


A brief description of the error.


The location in the database field, report format file, or Cicode library where the error has been detected. The context of the error is enclosed in braces {. . . }.

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