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Configuration Tools

The following tools enable you to configure a project and its components, and set up computers to use CitectSCADA:

CitectSCADA Explorer

The application used to create and manage your projects. It displays a list of projects, and provides direct access to the components of each. You can use Explorer to rename, back up, restore or delete a project.

See Administering Projects

CitectSCADA Project Editor

The application used to create and manage the configuration information for your project, including tags, alarms, system components, and communications components

See Components of a project

CitectSCADA Graphics Builder

The application used to design, create, and edit the graphics components of a project, including templates, graphics objects, symbols, genies, and Super Genies

See Defining and Drawing Graphics Pages

Computer Setup Editor

A utility for editing configuration files and generating reports to compare and analyze files

See Computer Setup Editor

Computer Setup Wizard

A wizard that allows you to customize a computer's setup and define its role and function

See Running the Computer Setup Wizard