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Configure Alarm Tags to use Clustering

In the Project Editor, select Alarms, and then the type of Alarm you are configuring. The dialog box for the chosen alarm type displays:

For each alarm, in the Cluster Name field, select the name of the cluster that will run the alarm. If there is only one cluster defined in the project, you can leave this field blank. The alarms will default to the defined cluster.

If the project has multiple clusters, and you do not select a cluster name in this dialog, then CitectSCADA considers the alarm to run on defined clusters.

Using the F2 key in the Alarm Server Definitions dialog, open the extended properties page and set the Publish Alarm Properties to "True" if you want the alarm properties to be published and be viewed as normal variable tags, and have the Alarm Server listen as if it were an I/O connector.

Click Replace to save the changes.

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