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Configuring Custom Color Fonts

From CitectSCADA version 6.0 onwards, colors are referenced by using hex codes for red, green and blue (RGB) values. You can view RGB values (in decimal) of a selected color by choosing Tools|Edit Favorite Colors in Graphics Builder.

If, for example, the color you want to use has the values R = 128, G = 170, B = 213, you can convert these to their hex equivalents (R = 0x80, G = 0xAA, B = 0xD5).

If you define a label for your color, you can use decimal or hex values. For example:

Once you have defined your label, you can create fonts to use in your project for alarm categories, Cicode functions, and button objects. For example, use the Fonts dialog box to define a font with the following properties:

For more information, refer to Knowledge base article Q4024.

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