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Configuring Logging

You can make adjustments to the way CitectSCADA logs data using Citect.ini parameters. This includes the ability to filter logs according to priority, category or severity.

The available parameters are listed within the Logging Settings page of the Computer Setup Editor. From here, you can learn how each parameter will impact system logging, and make adjustments directly into the local Citect.ini file.

The Logging Settings page is accessible from the home page of the Computer Setup Editor. For more information, see Using the Computer Setup Editor.

Some of the available logging parameters can be updated while your CitectSCADA system is running. For more information, see Adjusting logging during runtime.

Note: Logging can cause a strain on system resources. When configuring logging, be aware of the potential impact on normal operation. For example, a large number of traces can affect CPU performance, while log file archiving may use up disk space.

Archiving syslog.dat

The syslog.dat file is restricted in size (to 2000 kb by default). When it reaches its size limit, CitectSCADA renames it syslog.bak, and starts a new syslog.dat.

You can make this size restriction larger or smaller by using the [Debug]SysLogSize parameter. For example, the following lines in the Citect.ini will set the syslog.dat size to 30 Mb:


If you want to archive more than one system log file, you can set [Debug]SysLogArchive to 1. This adds a timestamp to the filename.

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