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Configuring pen quality

You use the Process Analyst Properties dialog box to configure the quality of the selected pen. Pen quality can be configured at run time by Operators, and at design time by Users.

Configuring the pen quality allows you to define the appearance of sample markers on a selected pen, as well as the line styles of the pen, based upon the quality of the data being trended by the Process Analyst.

For details about how the Process Analyst represents data quality, see Data Quality.

To configure pen quality:

  1. Click the Main Page tab.
  2. Select the pen you want to configure.
  3. Click the Quality tab to display the quality property controls.
  4. To enable points for the pen to be visible, select the Points Visible option.
  5. In the Point Styles area, select a Single point style to represent a single data sample.
  6. Select a Multiple point style to represent multiple data samples.
  7. Selected an Interpolated point style for interpolated data samples.
  8. In the Line Styles area, select a line style to represent a Good sample.
  9. Select a line style to represent a Gated/Disabled sample.
  10. Select a line style to represent an NA sample.
  11. Click Apply.