Using the CSV_Include Project > Creating a New Project > Creating an Alarms Group

Creating an Alarms Group

The CSV_Include project allows you to use "alarm groups" to display a specific set of tags defined by the alarm category and area settings configured within the runtime CitectSCADA project.

For example, you could create a group containing category one alarms. This group could then be used as a filter to create a list of the category one alarms currently displayed on the Active Alarms page.

Alarm groups are configured by clicking the appropriate link on the Citect Configuration panel to the left of the Admin Tools page. The functionality can also be added to a custom menu for easier access.

To configure an alarm group:

  1. Go to the Admin Tools page of a runtime project by clicking the Tools button.
  2. Select Configure an Alarm Group from the Citect Configuration panel. The Configure Alarm Groups dialog appears.
  3. In the Alarm Group Description box, type the name you want to use to identify the group.
  4. In the Categories box, list the alarm categories configured in the CitectSCADA runtime project that you want to use to define the group.
  5. In the Area box, type the areas defined in the CitectSCADA project you want to use to define the group.
  6. Click Add.

The information to the right of the dialog indicates how many alarm groups are configured and where you are currently positioned in this list. You can scroll through the list of configured groups by using the up and down arrows.

To change a group, locate it in the list, change it as appropriate, then click Replace.

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