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Creating or Editing Object View Columns

Users can create or delete Object View columns (during design time), as well as edit existing columns (run time or design time). Object View columns display information about your pens. These configuration tasks are performed by using the Citect Process Analyst Properties dialog box.

To create an Object View column:

  1. Click the Object View tab. The Object View panel appears.
  2. Click New. The New Column dialog box appears.
  3. Enter a Name ID for the column. The value is used to reference the column in code.
  4. Specify a Width.
  5. Enter the Text to use for the column in the Object View display.

To delete an Object View column:

To edit an Object View column:

  1. Select the column you want to edit, and then click Edit. The Edit Column dialog box appears.
  2. Modify the information as necessary, and then click OK.

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