Using the CSV_Include Project > CSV_Include Reference > CSV_Include Functions > CSV_Alarms_GroupAdd


Adds an alarm group to the Alarm Group Listbox, and creates a group to store the associated alarm categories. The alarm group is also added to AlarmGrp.dbf. The name of the group is stored in the second field of the listbox (non-visible field), as well as in the "Name" field of the AlarmGrp.dbf.

Note: Alarm groups are used to filter alarms on an alarm page. When a group is selected from the list only alarms having the associated categories are displayed on the alarm page.


CSV_Alarms_GroupAdd(sGroupName, sDesc, sCategories, sArea)


Name/ID of alarm group (needs to be unique).


Text describing alarm group that will appear in listbox.


String listing categories represented by alarm group. To have the same format as a standard CitectSCADA group; for example, "1,5,7..9" = categories 1,5,7,8,9.


Area the group applies to. Empty string = every area.

Return Value

Name of the group created, or "" if unsuccessful.