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Displays a message box centered on the active monitor screen and waits for the user to select a button. Can display up to three buttons, as well as a checkbox. Can disappear after specified timeout. The maximum timeout is 30s if this is used. If 0 is passed in then no timeout applies.

When using 1,2 or 3 custom buttons: due to the way the underlying widget works, 1 or 2 button custom popups do not have the Cancel or Timeout Feature. The 3 button version does have Timeout. It is recommended when using 2 buttons to use this syntax :

"button1", "button2", "Cancel"

This will allow your 2 button selection to have a timeout feature. In this example your Cicode needs to use the '2' button reply as meaning cancel (299).

Error 359 is returned when a 2nd popup is attempts to display with the same title. The location of the message box is the same so multiple popup boxes // can be problematic.




Message box title


Message box prompt

#iMode :


The number of seconds before the message box disappears.


Text for first button


Text for second button


Text for third button


Text for the checkbox

Return Value

If sButtonText1="" OR the 3 TextBoxes are in use then:

Return Value Description
0 OK button pressed
299 Cancel button pressed
359 A Popup with the same title is already displayed
512 A timeout has occurred
3 Abort button pressed
4 Retry button pressed
5 Ignore button pressed
6 Yes button pressed
7 No button pressed


Return Value Description
0 First button pressed
1 Second button pressed
2 Third button pressed
359 A Popup with the same title is already displayed

If sCheckBoxText <> "" then 1024 is added to the above return values.