Using the CSV_Include Project > CSV_Include Reference > CSV_Include Functions > CSV_MM_PageDisplay


Displays selected page on the 'active' monitor, or a pre-selected monitor.




Name of page to display.


Number of monitor to display page on. First monitor = '0', Second = '1' etc. If iMonitor = -1 then page is displayed on the 'active' (that is. currently selected) monitor.


Add page to last page stack. If bStoreLastPage = 0 then the page is not written to the queue that stores the previous pages displayed.


Name of function to store on last page stack.

If a function has been specified then that function will be called when navigating through the last pages, rather than displaying the page.

To include arguments append a space and then a comma-separated list of the arguments (string constants) to the function name.

Return Value

`0' if successful, otherwise an error number.