Using the CSV_Include Project > CSV_Include Reference > CSV_Include Functions > CSV_MM_WinNewAt


Displays a new window at the X and Y coordinates relative to the top-left corner of active monitor.




Name of pagewindow to display.


X-offset to display window at relative to left of monitor.


Y-offset to display window at relative to top of monitor.


Display mode (same settings as for 'WinNewAt' function, except that the window by default will be 'always on top', regardless of whether or not you add 64 to the mode.This verifies that the popup window does not disappear behind the main window. To de-select this option add 2048 to the mode). Dynamic resizing will be disabled unless 4096 is added to the mode. To center the window within the page add 8192 to the mode.

Return Value

The window number of the window, or -1 if the window cannot be opened.