Using the CSV_Include Project > CSV_Include Reference > CSV_Include Functions > CSV_Trend_DspGroup


Displays a specified group of trend pens on a specified trend page. The group of trend pens need to have been defined in the TrendGrp.dbf file in the [RUN] directory. The group may be specified by either the group name or the group description.


CSV_Trend_DspGroup(sTitle,sTrendPage,hTrendAN,sTrendID,iTrendIDType, iTrendDataSet)


Title to appear on trend page.


Name of trend page to display.


Animation point number of trend.


Name or Desc of trend group (found in TrendGrp.dbf).


The type of the trend. Two possible values:


Identifies the data set to be used for the group.

Normal trend page uses data set 0, double trend page uses data sets 1 and 2.