Using the CSV_Include Project > CSV_Include Reference > CSV_Include Functions > CSV_TrendX_AddVariable


Assigns a variable to the first available instant trend tag. An instant trend tag is available if no variable is currently being trended by it; that is, msTrendXVariable[iTrendNo] = "", where iTrendNo is the number of the instant trend.

Note:This function is to be called only on a Trends Server. To maintain redundancy the function is also called with the same arguments on the second/redundant Trends Server.

The variable is assigned a trend duration. The variable name is also added to the end of a queue storing currently assigned variables in the order in which they were assigned.

If there are no available trend tags then the variable is not assigned to be trended.


CSV_TrendX_AddVariable(sVariable, iDuration, IupdateRedundantSrvr)


Name of variable to be trended.


Value to preset trend tag timer to. This determines the number of seconds that the variable will be trended for.