Using the CSV_Include Project > CSV_Include Reference > CSV_Include Functions > CSV_WinUtl_ShellExec


Opens or prints a specified file.




Specifies the file to open or print or the folder to open or explore. The function can open an executable file or a document file. The function can print a document file.


If sFile specifies an executable file, sArgs specifies the parameters to be passed to the application. If sFile specifies a document file, make sArgs as "".


Specifies the default directory.


Specifies the operation to perform. The following operation strings are valid:


If sFile specifies an executable file, iShowCmd specifies how the application is to be shown when it is opened. This parameter can be one of the following values:

Return Value

Returns a value greater than 32 if successful, or an error value that is less than or equal to 32 otherwise. The following table lists the error values.