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CtAPI Functions in v7.0

The following section details the changes made to CtAPI functions in CitectSCADA v7.0.

Obsolete Functions

Previously available "Point" related functions are now no longer available, and if used will detect and return an error indicating that they are not supported. In order to obtain the same result as was previously invoked by those function, replace them with the Tag based equivalent using the appropriate Tag arguments and conditions.

The "point" functions that are no longer available are listed below along with their replacement functions:

Function Replacement




ctListNew or ctTagWrite and ctTagRead


ctTagRead or ctListRead with ctListData


ctTagWrite or ctListWrite

If you are using the point functions on single tags, use the ctTagRead, ctTagWrite functions instead. If you are building up multiple tags into one point, use ctListNew and add tags to the list through ctListAdd. Then use ctListWrite, ctListRead and ctListData to write and read from the tags.

The following functions are not relevant to tag based operations. They are obsolete and there is no replacement function.