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Debugging a protocol driver using serial communications

To debug a protocol driver that uses serial communications, do the following:

  1. Keep using your Simple As Possible Project (SAPP).
  2. Set the "DebugStr=* all" for your protocol.
  3. Backup and delete both the syslog.dat and syslog.bak files. The system will recreate a fresh version of this file the next time CitectSCADA is started.
  4. Start the project. From the information you can see in the maximized Main window of the kernel be able to see if CitectSCADA is sending requests to your I/O Device to initialize communications with it.

If there are no requests being sent then your software is improperly configured, and check that there were no errors on Startup of CitectSCADA. If there were errors on startup look them up in the Online Help. Also check that your computer is an I/O Server (and that it matches the one in your project). To do this run the Computer Setup Wizard, and configure the computer for a standalone configuration.

If there are requests being sent but no reply, then CitectSCADA is trying to communicate. When CitectSCADA is sending requests but getting no reply, these are the most common causes:

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