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Displaying Tags

You can apply visual cues to a tag displayed on a graphics page, providing greater emphasis to the data presented. For example, you could highlight a bad quality tag value by presenting it in a different color or style.

This type of activity is enabled using the [Page]IgnoreValueQuality parameter, which can be used to display a graphical representation of data quality.

[Page]IgnoreValueQuality can be used in tandem with a number of [Page] parameters to provide different visual outcomes based on the state of a tag. For example, you could change the text background color for a tag according to its current state using the following parameters:

You can also use the parameter [Page]EnableQualityToolTip to enable tool tips that present quality and timestamp data when the cursor is held over a tag.

The Tag Extension Parameters page in the CitectSCADA Example Project provides an interactive example of how these parameters can be implemented.

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