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Dynamic-point count licensing

In CitectSCADA 6.10 or earlier, multiple tags that share the same I/O device address will be counted as a single I/O point. This is calculated at compilation time and the compiler will report the number I/O points used in a project and is referred to as the Static Point Count. Any other tags used in super genies, read/written to via CTAPI, ODBC, DDE, TagRead() and TagWrite() are counted at runtime and are referred to the Dynamic Point Count. Thus, the total I/O point count will be equal to Dynamic Count plus Static Count, which is calculated at runtime.
However, from CitectSCADA 7.0 the compiler does not generate any static point count any more. CitectSCADA counts I/O device addresses dynamically at runtime. This includes tags used by alarms, trends, reports, events, pages, in Super Genies, use of the TagRead() and TagWrite() Cicode functions, or read or written to using DDE, ODBC, or the CTAPI. A particular variable tag is only counted towards your point count the first time it is requested. That is, even though you may have configured a certain tag on a particular page in your project, unless you navigate to that page and request the data, the variable tag will not be counted towards your point count.
In addition to this, there have been a number of other changes that have been made to the licensing structure from CitectSCADA 7.0. These are listed below: