Using the CSV_Include Project > Creating a New Project > Creating Custom Menus > Editing an item

Editing an item

You configure a menu item's functionality by using the Edit Item Menu dialog.

Use this dialog to identify the action an item will trigger, be it navigation to a specific page, or execution a function. To launch this dialog, right-click the item to configure and choose Edit Item from the menu.

fill out the fields as follows:


Indicates the name of the page to display, or a Cicode function. If specifying a Cicode function, it needs to be prefixed by a question mark ("?").


The login privilege necessary to trigger the action. Only users with appropriate access privileges will be able to use this item.


As this setting is determined automatically depending on the current user's access privileges, leave this set to False unless you want the item disabled by default.


Leave this set to False unless you want the item checked by default.

Button Width

Leave this set to zero (0) as this sets the menu button to the appropriate width. To set a specific width for the button, input the width in pixels.

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