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Enhanced Driver Installation

The installation of CitectSCADA prior to v7.10 installed the communication drivers automatically with the product. From v7.10, the installation of these drivers is performed at the final stage of the product installation using a separate installation process. This installation process allows you to select individual drivers that you want to install, specific to your system and its I/O Devices.

There are certain drivers that the product installation will install that are necessary for CitectSCADA to function correctly. These will be installed automatically as in previous releases.

If you are using the Microsoft® Windows Vista™ operating system verify that any drivers which you select to install are identified as being compatible with that operating system. If you select any driver that is not yet identified as being compatible, or is specifically identified as not compatible, the installation process will provide an alert to that effect, and will allow you to deselect the driver prior to continuing with the installation.

Note: If you choose to ignore any alert, the driver will be installed but the driver may not operate correctly.


  • Do not ignore alerts during driver installation.
  • If alerts are preventing the installation of a driver, contact Technical Support of this product.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

The communication driver installation can also be invoked individually at any time after the product installation to install additional drivers.