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Environment variables in 7.20

When you define a Super Genie, you are creating a Super Genie template, similar to a page template. When a Genie calls the Super Genie, this template is used to create a new Super Genie page. Environment variables saved with the template are now propagated to the Super Genie page. When subsequent changes are made to the environment variables of the Super Genie template, the environment variables of the Super Genie page are also updated.

If you modify a Super Genie template when the project is running in the background, you need to perform an Update Pages to see the changes in the runtime project. If a runtime page (created from a Super Genie template) is displayed when the change is made, it will not be updated until you exit then re-display it.


When upgrading from a previous version of CitectSCADA to v7.20 existing Super Genie template environment variables will override Super Genie page environment variables. Any manual updates you made to Super Genie page environment variables prior to the upgrade will be lost.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.