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Events Configuration

Events are used to trigger actions, such as a command or set of commands. For example, an operator can be notified when a process is complete, or a series of instructions can be executed when a process reaches a certain stage. Select the Enable Events on this computer check box if events are to be enabled on this CitectSCADA computer.

The Events Setup page lists each component's full name, including the cluster to which it belongs, alongside a list of events that can be enabled for each component. If the Multi-process option was not selected on the Computer Role Configuration page there will only be one entry listed, either Client or Client and Servers. If the Multi-process option was selected, you have the option of enabling events for each component on this computer.

Note: The Computer Setup Wizard only displays named events from the selected project. If you are using events in included projects you will need to edit your Citect.ini file to add these under the [Events] section header.

Note: Events named 'Global' or events with no title will not appear as these are global events. These events will run on computers that have events enabled. These events will run in the client process.

To enable an event for a component:

  1. Select the component from the list.
  2. Select the events you want to enable for that component, or click Enable All or Disable All.
  3. Click Next when finished.

When you complete the Computer Setup Wizard, the events are written to each component section in the Citect.ini file; for example:


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