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Exporting results

You can export search results in a tab-delimited format to a specified location. Results are exported in the format

<Project> <Item> <Field> <Location> <Context>

If the Results window contains more than 200 results, every result is exported, not just the ones currently displayed. If you remove an item from the results list, it will not be exported. (For details on removing results, see Removing results.)

If you export an item that has a context, the context string is stripped of tabs and new line characters.

Results exported are in Unicode format. Because of this, two leading characters and two trailing characters are added to the file, but in most cases will remain hidden. When exporting results, use Excel 2000 and later, which support the Unicode format.

To export results:

  1. With the search results you want to export listed in the Results window, click Export.
  2. Specify the location in the dialog box and then click Save. If the file already exists, you're given the option to overwrite the file. Status text under the results list indicates the progress of the export.
  3. Note: If you want to stop the export, click Stop. You cannot perform a partial export, so clicking Stop cancels the export entirely.