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Express Communications Wizard - I/O Device connection schedule

This form allows you to define the details of the communications schedule for your I/O Device and indicate that your I/O Device is remote by checking the PSTN box.



Connect I/O Device to PSTN

Check this box to indicate that the I/O Device is a dial-up I/O Device (connected to a PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network).

Note:  Even if your I/O Device is not connected via a modem, you need to still check this box to schedule communications (but leave the Phone number to dial and Caller ID fields blank).

Once you have completed your I/O Device setup using this Wizard, you need to go to the Ports form and change the Port number to the actual number of the COM port.

You can choose to define the communication period in terms of months, weeks, days, or hours, minutes, and seconds. Alternatively, you can choose to communicate only at startup (persistent connection). Click a radio button to make your selection, then enter the start time and period as described below.

Synchronize at

The I/O Server will attempt to communicate with the I/O Device at this time, and then at intervals as defined below. This time is merely a marker for CitectSCADA. If you run up your project after this time, the I/O Server won't wait until the next day to begin communicating. It will operate as if your project had been running since before the start time.

Repeat Every

The time between successive communication attempts. (See Examples below.)

Phone number to dial

The telephone number that needs to be dialed to initiate contact with the I/O Device.

Note: These values can also be set using the I/O Devices form in the Project Editor.


All based on a Synchronize at time of 10:00:00:

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